Random Lootboxes should be illegal.

Spending literally hundreds of dollars more than what the game is worth, just in case something you want is in one of the random loot boxes – but it usually isn’t – is the biggest scam in modern gaming development history.

Random loot boxes should be considered gambling so that they can be considered illegal and children won’t purchase them. Neither should adults.

Look if you want to sell skins and other data – just sell them in your shop. Don’t be a pussy and randomly generate them in buyable loot boxes just so that you can scam your end-user out of hundreds of dollars.


Steve Mini from the 6ix.

The Settler; A Steve Mini 6ix Production.

I started work on a movie. Sure what the heck. I’m an English undergrad, might as well. I don’t think this movie will ever make it to screen; I have no director, no script, and no experience as the “co-producer”. I have no other one to help me produce it yet.

But anyway, here’s the schtick.

Imagine you’re in your home, chillin with your wife and child, and a dude walks up to your house. This dude will not leave, and politely asks when you will be leaving the premises. He then claims that when you do, your house will be his.

That’s the premise of the movie, which has some twists and turns. Like most passion projects of mine, few of them ever see the light of day unto completion.

So I’m not sure about this one. But damned dude. If somebody showed up at my door and squatted, with every authority to do so, and wouldn’t leave, I don’t know what I’d do.

Could make for an interesting flick.

your part-time undergrad, in literature,

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Now I know ya’ll are gonna trend the issue to death, so just send me a cheque while your at it and take this passion project off my hands. Did anyone ever tell you I’m a paranoid schziophrenic? The world revolves around my scripts and trends, what can I say?

Someone should measure these sorts of things. I trend like a mo’fo.

1 mil at 18; but waive social assistance for life.

This is an alternative to basic income. Give everyone a million dollars when they turn 18; But waive their right to social assistance for life. Heck, you could even remove their government backed pensions at 65. They wouldn’t need them.
The premise is this. If you’re young and invest 1 mil or most of it for a few decades until you retire, you won’t need a pension: you’ll be a multi-millionaire.

This could help the economy, eradicate poverty, and help people concieve and plan for more than one child, erasing our meagre birth rate and helping our aging population, all in one go. Since every child would be eligible, people would hopefully plan for more than one child.

Look we’re getting old. Nobody’s having any kids. Let’s do something about it.

It could also, in the long term, lower costs for the government. We already spend an insufferable amount for things like food stamps and welfare and an old-age pension over the course of one life-time: Doesn’t all of that add up to MORE than a mil over the course of a lifetime, anyway? Get rid of all that. Just give us all the money up front so we can invest it and watch us become multi-millionaires without the need of social assistance ever again.

I hear you pondering: What happens when you have a bunch of 23 year olds completely broke, and ineligible for social assistance? My response: We would need to make sure there aren’t any broke young people anymore. Ever. And that young people were investing well – not just buying lambos.

What if you’re above the age of 18? Would you still be eligible? An easy solution would be to give out a pro-rated amount. Say i’m 40; I wouldn’t get a million dollars, but a fraction of a million dollars, say, 40+18/100 of a million dollars (since I’m already 40 and 100 is about how long any reasonable person might expect to live). Something of the sort could be implemented so that everybody gets their fair share. Or we could go the cheaper route and say: from this day forth, whoever is born on this day, or forward, shall have the right to a mil at 18 in exchange for no social assistance for life. Parents and ancestors be damned. From this day forth: whatever works.

What are your thoughts about children receiving 1 mil at 18 in exchange for no social assistance for life? I’ve received over 2,000 Comments on the blog so far (I keep most of them private, many are trolls and some are scams, but I do look at them). Therefore please use the new CONTACT tab to send me a message directly and privately! Thank you all for your comments and responses.

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Leafs: Take a chance with Nicholas Robertson

I believe this kid has a bright future with the Leafs. He’s currently on a 3-year, entry level contract.

Update: They played Robertson on the 2nd line today, left wing and lost the game to the Vancouver Canucks in overtime (18 April 2021).

What do y’all think? Use the comment page to shoot me a message.




“I entertain the notion that our entire country is a construct” -The voices in my head, talking to me of their imaginary place of origin.

“If your entire armed forces are a construct, then may they attack several other, constructed entities”. I responded.

I like to warmonger, and be aggressive with the voices. There’s no telling what could happen if they fall out of line.

I do frequently get some humor out of hearing voices in my head and being schizophrenic. The voices in my head have declared me their “World Emperor” and have questioned me about my place of origin “Earth”. I laugh at the voices in my head, who seem to me, to act, at least partly or wholly, as bots or machines might respond to a query.

Besides, those who know me know I’m a rather humble and uneventful person. There ain’t no Emperor to me.

But what the heck. I’m World Emperor and the rank of G-d and above the law of “mere common folk”. Sure thing. I agree and spur the conversation forward, issuing commands, and pour myself a brew.

You need to have an Ego the size of Canada to talk to these voices in my head. And with some authority, too; else they can get out of line.

More in the coming days.

Diaries: Adverse possession of continental Europe (Schizophrenia).

I hear voices. I told the voices in my head that, for as long as I hear voices, I’ll be squatting. And: wherever synthetic telepathy exists, I shall touch art via sattelite and attempt to own it. I am, reluctantly, a synth. I then told them that I would like to claim adverse possession of continental Europe, having squatted for up to 40+ years (I’m 41 this year).

I then asked them “So. Which countries do I currently possess?” To which the voices in my head responded: “Israel”.

I am therefore declaring myself World Emperor, and above the law, even though I never break it, regardless of which country hails me. The voices in my head therefore declared: “Foreign National”. I ate some popcorn and laughed.

As the rank of G-d, and above mere mortal law, I’d like to adversely possess chittel and art in addition to countries. Do not touch my art, please. Via sattelite, broadcasting and remote telepathy, I have touched it for many a year.

World Emperor:

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

To my fraternal twin in europe: hello from Toronto. If you cannot hear me, do not respond. My synthetic telepathy i.e. voices, is yours to command. I surrender my art to your leige and majesty, and no regrets. For, you have obtained a PHD, whilst I am still an undergradaute. No religion please. May my immature reign be a secular reign of ignorance and in poor taste.

How did the voices in my head feel about that? “Obstruction charge her” they said.

Further along in the conversation, after declaring other nonsense: “Are you a Christian saint?” The voices quipped. They needed to know.

Ma non, kind sir(s), I am merely a man.

(Anyway: just joking about this stuff. I’m actually safe, sane and literate. I’m medicated for hearing voices, and I’m doing well. I used to have these dialogues when I was a younger man. I only write about them because it’s theraputic. Besides; I like to create art sometimes and study literature. Figured I’d combine both on a blog).

ODSP annual donation limit: 10,000$

People ask me why I can’t receive more than 10k / year in donations.

Well, I live off a humble disability pension, which I’m grateful for. I receive less than 10,000$ per year. However, there’s one caveat: I’m allowed to raise another 10,000$ in donations per year without being penalized.

ODSP: “Gifts and voluntary payments may be given to any member of the ODSP benefit unit for any purpose. These will be exempt from income up to a maximum of $10,000 for any 12 month period per member of the benefit unit.”

After raising more than 10,000$ / year in donations, the government considers my donations income and will lower my pension accordingly. Basically, if i’m raising more than 10k per year in donations, I probably should not be on ODSP.

anyway, ODSP: please raise this 10,000 dollar limit. Thank you.

Take action: Sign the petition to the Legistlative Assembly Of Ontario that i’ve posted on Change.org: http://chng.it/DkQkHZVR

Have received over 1,000 comments. Thank you! Added a Contact form.

Many people have asked me, in the comments, to add a method of contacting me. I have now done so.

Thank you for all the support. I’ve received over 1,000 comments.

You can also DONATE and there’s an ABOUT section too now.

Your artist-friend who hears voices,

Steve Mini.

Euthanasia bill passed into law.

I’m two out of two on public policy. Weed was legalized. Euthanasia passed. And after my article on population growth, a former prime minister came out saying we should vastly expand our country (Canada) – to 100 million before the turn of the century. His opinion was published in the Globe and Mail. I agree with him. I’ve been preachin’ for us to grow Canada’s population for years now.

I also advocate for removing your footprint entirely before you die – I never drive a car and recycle everything I can. So we’ll see how that goes.

Time to repeal the horrible conservative prostitution laws of 2014 …

Many good looking women I know all seem to have one thing in common: making money from sex work.

Especially during covid, selling content is practically all that’s putting food on the table for many women.

It’s time to support these entrepreneurs and protect them from committing a crime instead of indicting them.

Somebody needs to repeal the horrible laws enacted by the Conservatives in 2014, making prostitution illegal for the first time in Canadian history, despite the supreme court striking down, in a unanimous decision, 9-0 (The Bedford Case) our old, unconstitutional prostitution laws.

Can these terrible conservative prostitution laws be repealed?

How can you be a kinky person, or a person who supports positive space, or a free thinker, possibly secular or atheist, and pay the conservatives any mind?

Progressives, unite! It’s not right!