The world’s largest trading partner has nothing to do with the United States …

All this talk about “America first” is off putting to allies. Here in Canada we’re terrified that our livelihoods will be ruined by a tariff or an “America first” policy that could gut our economy. We’re tired of treading on eggshells.

On the heels of these sorts of fears is the news that the world’s largest trading bloc has nothing to do with the United States.

“The new free trade bloc will be bigger than both the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the European Union.”

When you isolate yourself, threaten your allies, and don’t give a damn about anybody else: The world adapts.

We need new leadership in the United States.

I mean, you asked your constituents to not vote via mail: and they didn’t. Then you lost the election on ballots that were cast via mail for the opponent. Then you refuse to concede and try to sue.

That is exactly why Asia has positioned itself as a multilateral leader and stands to dominate within a few years. Most of the world has already moved on.

A lot is riding on Biden post-Jan 20, 2021. Let’s hope he can pull the tide back a little, so to speak.

Hotbed issue: Legalize Sex Work. Millennials have had enough with archaic prostitution laws and being zucced repeatedly on the ‘book.

Hotbed issue for all the millennials struggling to get a good paying job. Legalize sex work and allow all these beautiful women to work from home.

Back in my day you went to the bar to get laid. These days it’s all on twitter and social media and instagram and from the comfort of your living room. Heck, these days it’s foolish to flirt with any woman and prudent never to do so until you’ve offered a gratuity. You’ve just come to expect that she has an onlyfans or charges. Or a premium snapchat or some other service; everything from dick-ratings to lewd sales to straight up flat fees for getting laid. Nothing to do with a woman is free anymore; not even the sacred and profane act of getting laid.

The power of social media has transformed the way we understand and interact with women as men. Gone is the harmless flirt. Or getting laid without money. That’s so pre-2010.

Now it’s a ladies perogative to state “subscribe to my onlyfans” – and that just gets you in the door. Continue to pay to get the attention you desire from a good looking woman you thought you picked up at a bar.

I’m not saying they should fleece you for a good time. Nor reject your advances if you’re on a budget.

But it’s time that millennials, who have wrestled with archaic prostitution laws and sold lewds from home, get the due justice they deserve from the government that has largely ignored some of these hotbed issues.

Once and for all, strike down these ancient laws and allow women to make money by selling lewds and themselves.

Though i’ve mentioned women, gay men also purchase male content (and make up the bulk of your sales as men). There’s money to be made if you’re good looking or otherwise marketable, even if you’re an inferior specimen: even if you’re merely a male.

Twitter is leading the way. Cum shots and erotica abounds. Gigantic penises and huge tits are all over the platform. You need to be careful who you follow. Any woman with a phone is all of a sudden a business operator with hundreds, thousands of interested men.

We need to act now and legalize the sale and distribution of nudes. We need to act now to allow the sale and purchase of sex -for both/all genders, not just women.

Ladies, please insist on protection. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the right to an abortion if it all goes awry.

Steve Mini

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I’m ashamed that the conservative government, instead of moving forward after the Bedford ruling of the supreme court, decided instead, not only to back-track, but to make prostitution a crime, criminalizing prostitution for the first time in Canadian history in 2014, further endangering and illogically opposing our sex workers. Get sh!t serious, mah n6ggaz. Vote with your feet.

to all o’y’all n6GGaz right now subscribed on onlyfans and taking pics of your ladies, just right this minute never vote conservative ever again. See how fast they change their mind and the law, n6GGa.

Millions of women, each with their thousands and legions of fanboys and followers, agree with me right now. This is a movement that cannot be stopped. We will not be silenced. We WILL be naked online. It’s coming that way. Shield your children’s eyes. Do whatever it takes. Distance yourself.

But I bet a lakh that men can’t get laid without money in the coming years. Women just don’t want to anymore for free.

I haven’t met an honest-to-g-d, self-respecting, Christian woman, who literally wanted to date and not make money or anything else, in over a decade. Of the few that i’ve dated, i very nearly married one. But i’ll leave my self-professed Abrahamism for another time. Abrahamic ladies, where y’all hiding? Marriage is, alas, another cost in a man’s playbook. And then, that ultimate price: children. But we’ll leave my aggravating assumption that men can no longer even get laid for another time, too.

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