Immigrant Labor Theory

I have a theory. Toronto and Vancouver are a dud. We have a chronic shortage of housing, and foreign buyers are probably speculating often and buying all our houses up.

Let’s face it: We need a new Toronto. In fact, we need several new Torontos, all over the country.

If we are to compete with foreign nations, we need to be one billion strong some day.

Canada has a population of what? 30 million people? I say open up the floodgates. And Canada is supposedly doing so; accepting immigrants at an exponential rate.

I look at the United States and see them a soft second by 2050. Let’s face it: The real market is China, and we’re already adapting.

America: Get to a billion people, too. Open up the floodgates and let immigrants in by the droves.

What are your thoughts on this?

Steve Mini from the 6ix.