The End Of The American Century

Coming off one of the worst year since World War 2, with 500,000+ Americans dead, and their economy reeling, the end of the American Century is at hand. And you can thank the likes of Donald Trump!

To the Republicans who tried to steal an election: shame on you!

Will the Americans now embrace their world no.2 status as the Chinese economy ramps up? Apparently there used to be a new billionaire every week in China. Now it’s a new billionaire in China every 2-3 days.

Or will America force a conflict with China – while they still can?

What do y’all think?

Author: Steve.Mini.6ix

I'm a trend-setter and a non-conformist. I recycle everything and live off very little. It's about time that change happened. Hotbed issues on the button, so to speak. By the way, I'm a neurodivergent person; I hear voices chatting with me all day long; I'm a disabled paranoid schizophrenic.

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