Started Writing Sci-Fi: “Metuselah”

I started writing a new project code-named “Metuselah”; I was inspired by the “Meths” in Altered Carbon, a Sci-Fi netflix show. Methuselah was the longest lived of any of the bible figures, having lived about 969? years.

In my story – I don’t want to give away too much – but it’s also inspired by Snow Crash: it’s a future where telepaths “Jack in” to a brain network and skin themselves as celebrities to hide their true identity and communicate with each other telepathically and anonymously. Skinning as a celebrity costs a token, and most people only unlock one token a month.

In the network where he is almost constantly “Jacked In” and of a high rank on the ladder, the “longest-lived” of all “Jacked In” individuals is constantly harassed by fans, and requested by his peers. A new harass, a wifey request, keeps popping up in his mind, with a secret admirer skinning as various famous female Earth celebrities and propositioning him. It’s a troll: but this user must have many tokens to spare – he or she keeps skinning different celebrities to catch his attention – and most people only unlock one token a month to skin themselves. It piques his curiosity, why “she” is burning through so many tokens just to proposition him, and leads him to an adventure he did not anticipate, which includes a war for his ancestral home: Earth, and involves a penal colony in a parsec not far off. The penal colony claims a war will occur unless one of their prisoners is released. This could embroil a whole chunk of the known universe, and be a war that lasts Millennia. To avoid this costly and needless war, is a job for “Metuselah”, the longest-lived of anybody on the ladder.

This was not only inspired by video games, where the highest ranked players are treated as celebrities and claim to be G-ds; but also it was inspired by an episode I’ve had during schizophrenia, where “locally emulated celebrity voices” talking to me in my mind; I could literally hear celebrity voices, but it wasn’t them, of course.

I guess this work is also a take on where the internet is going, if anonymity becomes more popular. Pretty soon we’ll just jack in as someone else and communicate telepathically and anonymously – why not as our favorite celebrities, and never as ourselves, so that we can say whatever the hell we want, to whomever we want? It’s a dark and gritty world I’ve created for this story. Everyone seems rude, uncouth, and not very gentlemanly. This is contrasted by some of the main character’s “noble” actions.

Don’t know if this makes any sense. It was confusing to me for a while but I finally think i’ve got it down. So let me get this straight, voices in my head: you’re talking to me telepathically, you’re not the celebrity I can hear, and you remain anonymous? Looks like you were placed in my “fiction to write” bin as inspiration!

For those of you joking: Where do I upgrade? how can I “Jack in”? I want to hear voices, too! I don’t know man. I’ve been hearing voices for more than 15 years. The only thing left to do is graduate with a BA in English, and write books about my experiences with the voices. I’ve got 5+ years of part-time studies left on my degree. After that I guess I’ll put pen to paper.

Amazon self-publishing, here I come!

update: Looking at my early notes, I’ve decided I will not be mentioning any celebrities by name in this novel. I’m a pretty polite artist and straight-laced; I’ll say things like “red-haired beau” or “a muscular male with an inner-city accent” or something cheesy like that. At the heart of these cheesy skins or avatars, is a sophisticated technology. I find the dichotomy between a simple avatar or skin and the complicated inner workings of our protagonists something that I’d like to contrast and develop.

Signing off to write a little!
Your artist friend,
Steve Mini.

Talking to a fetus: Remote Embryonics

Disclaimer: I just write this stuff because I love science fiction and I’m a writer and an English undergrad. I do not condone the use of voice-to-skull, gene-selection, amnesia walls, or other antics probably going on right now in a lab somewhere. Or in my mind. /shrug.

Anyway: I frequently hear voices. I’ve thought to myself: If I can hear voices, and someone might be talking to me via synthetic telepathy: Or if I talk to myself, and have amnesia walls up, What’s to stop a remote handler with synthetic telepathy from talking to a child whilst still in the womb?

At what age could the baby even respond telepathically? Could it telepathically communicate with a “remote handler”, before it even speaks to it’s own mother?

What about amnesia walls and talking to a child’s back end or subconscious, which I believe, oddly, has occurred to me as an adult male? What if this happened, to a child? What if it talked to the voices in it’s head before it talked to it’s parents?

Would it be smarter than average? Would it talk better and earlier and learn quicker? Would it be scientifically stronger in the mind for hearing voices and words so young? Imagine pictures bombarding it’s retina display and words accompanying the “programming” at a very young age. What does this do to a child?

Such thoughts worry me, and also inspire me to write a little science fiction.

Stay safe bois, and stay woke! Tell me it ain’t happening somewhere already! Don’t look up!

Disclaimer: I hear voices in my head, including celebrity voices, but they’re all just made up. Synthetic telepathy is probably just a hoax. I never warned you. You didn’t hear it from me.

Heck, message me telepathically for an invite to the guild. That’s the joke. There is no telepathic guild. Nobody ever did or I’d be lying to you.


The New Mutant: Schizophrenia

note: I am now medicated. My family, friends, the police, and my doctor do not believe anyone has access to my mind and instead believe that all the voices are made up. I do not condone the use of synthetic telepathy nor do I know where to “upgrade”. Though I am convinced that nobody else is in my mind; I consider myself self-scripted and hear local emulations; i.e. celebrity voices, often.

My doctor claims it’s therapeutic to talk about what I go through. That’s why I’m going to be blogging about this. I get hundreds of replies on the blog, though I don’t approve of many to reduce clutter and trolling, I do read them all. Thank you guys so much. What do ya’ll think of this?

The New Mutant: A Paranoid Schizophrenic’s opinion.

I suppose that I am a mutant: that hearing voices is genetic, and that my offspring, if any come into being, might also genetically inherit hearing voices. They’ll also restructure their mind, in a unique and different way, much like I have done my entire life: I’m self-programmed. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, because I hear a dial-tone in my mind; I respond to my supposed remote handler by thinking of a chirp. Call me nuts. I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. I think someone has access to my mind. Is it a super computer making all those dial tones and creepy voices in my mind? Am I being botted? Just who has access to my mind? Is it the government? I guess I’m a telepath, then. And my children, if I have any, will be telepaths, empaths and mystics, too; much like I am. They too will locally emulate celebrity voices and chat with imaginary friends in their mind – and think it’s the police! Many people will think that by hearing voices, that they chat with the dead, angels, demons, ghosts, aliens, reptilians, or militants and the government somehow, you name it; and my offspring will stand accused. They will pull data where none existed before, if such a thing is even possible. They will see retina video before ever retina video ever exists publicly; They will be guinea pigs to be experimented upon and they will be ostracized for thinking different. They will hear things they shouldn’t and talk to nobody else about it. They will calculate, and fathom, and never incur a cost for data transfer, brain-to-brain or brain-to-supercomputer. And I know one thing for sure: whether or not they’re telepaths, and hear modem clickings at night: either way, they will be mutants.

Those of us who hear voices are already paving the way for neuroscience to abstract data and deploy militancy; we are paving the way for synthetic telepathy and express commands, with anonymous commanders and little legal recourse; other than a prank call, something akin to phoning the wrong number, except, via voice-to-skull and brain-to-brain technology. Imagine this: “I was on a skype or discord call, officer, brain-to-brain. And what I said was private.”

In addition to hearing commands and pondering our submissiveness, or issuing some back! Many of us, for fear of being punished by our own scripts, i.e. the voices in our head that we probably construct, seek value in truth, especially because our subconscious punishes us for ever lying, especially to ourselves; and some of us turn to never lying or breaking the law at all and become moral persons. We’re men of principle. Still others are at the forefront of a left-leaning revolution; to forego all personal belongings and refrain from menial labor; to fight for advocacy and accessible medical treatments. We the niggas now, regardless of caste, color or creed; paranoid schizophrenics make up many of our homeless and are the first to lose wealth and to die; we live a shortened lifespan; we also test many new drugs and are studied for voice-to-skull technology; and we’re the first to be wrongfully arrested! And those of us who hear voices are also definitely in the front lines of the divide between rich and poor.

I claimed for the longest time that the voices in my head were not my own; that somebody else, via remote telepathy, was talking to me. This has never been proven and the police concluded that I am ill and talking to myself. If I am talking to myself then why can I hear the voices of anybody whom I look at? Why can I hear a song and chat with the singer in my head? Why can I think of the Queen of England or the President of the United States and study their responses to my questions? Perhaps then, the police were right and I locally emulate, and am self-scripted; and nobody else is in my mind. Not Madonna’s back end; not the Pope’s front-end. Perhaps then, I am merely a mutant, and bother nobody else. And all y’all niggas, i.e. the voices in my head, are fake.

I’ve long questioned who has access to my mind, which many claim to be paranoia. If it’s nobody, perhaps then, I am merely a mutant, and I locally emulate celebrities subconsciousness in my brain and ask them questions in my head and laugh a little, at their humorous responses. It’s entertaining, really; chatting with people in this way. Perhaps then, I am merely a mutant, and will come, in time, to accept this. I guess nobody is in my mind at all.

Advance, march!


To Arms! For Art’s Sake!

Your artist friend.