ODSP annual donation limit: 10,000$

People ask me why I can’t receive more than 10k / year in donations.

Well, I live off a humble disability pension, which I’m grateful for. I receive less than 10,000$ per year. However, there’s one caveat: I’m allowed to raise another 10,000$ in donations per year without being penalized.

ODSP: “Gifts and voluntary payments may be given to any member of the ODSP benefit unit for any purpose. These will be exempt from income up to a maximum of $10,000 for any 12 month period per member of the benefit unit.”

After raising more than 10,000$ / year in donations, the government considers my donations income and will lower my pension accordingly. Basically, if i’m raising more than 10k per year in donations, I probably should not be on ODSP.

anyway, ODSP: please raise this 10,000 dollar limit. Thank you.

Take action: Sign the petition to the Legistlative Assembly Of Ontario that i’ve posted on Change.org: http://chng.it/DkQkHZVR

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" is a "High Warlord Warlock". He is a trend-setter and a non-conformist. He thought for the longest time that someone was communicating with him telepathically because he hears voices in his head. He is a disabled part-time undergraduate.

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