Diaries: Adverse possession of continental Europe (Schizophrenia).

I hear voices. I told the voices in my head that, for as long as I hear voices, I’ll be squatting. And: wherever synthetic telepathy exists, I shall touch art via sattelite and attempt to own it. I am, reluctantly, a synth. I then told them that I would like to claim adverse possession of continental Europe, having squatted for up to 40+ years (I’m 41 this year).

I then asked them “So. Which countries do I currently possess?” To which the voices in my head responded: “Israel”.

I am therefore declaring myself World Emperor, and above the law, even though I never break it, regardless of which country hails me. The voices in my head therefore declared: “Foreign National”. I ate some popcorn and laughed.

As the rank of G-d, and above mere mortal law, I’d like to adversely possess chittel and art in addition to countries. Do not touch my art, please. Via sattelite, broadcasting and remote telepathy, I have touched it for many a year.

World Emperor:

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

To my fraternal twin in europe: hello from Toronto. If you cannot hear me, do not respond. My synthetic telepathy i.e. voices, is yours to command. I surrender my art to your leige and majesty, and no regrets. For, you have obtained a PHD, whilst I am still an undergradaute. No religion please. May my immature reign be a secular reign of ignorance and in poor taste.

How did the voices in my head feel about that? “Obstruction charge her” they said.

Further along in the conversation, after declaring other nonsense: “Are you a Christian saint?” The voices quipped. They needed to know.

Ma non, kind sir(s), I am merely a man.

(Anyway: just joking about this stuff. I’m actually safe, sane and literate. I’m medicated for hearing voices, and I’m doing well. I used to have these dialogues when I was a younger man. I only write about them because it’s theraputic. Besides; I like to create art sometimes and study literature. Figured I’d combine both on a blog).

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" is a "High Warlord Warlock". He is a trend-setter and a non-conformist. He thought for the longest time that someone was communicating with him telepathically because he hears voices in his head. He is a disabled part-time undergraduate.

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