“I entertain the notion that our entire country is a construct” -The voices in my head, talking to me of their imaginary place of origin.

“If your entire armed forces are a construct, then may they attack several other, constructed entities”. I responded.

I like to warmonger, and be aggressive with the voices. There’s no telling what could happen if they fall out of line.

I do frequently get some humor out of hearing voices in my head and being schizophrenic. The voices in my head have declared me their “World Emperor” and have questioned me about my place of origin “Earth”. I laugh at the voices in my head, who seem to me, to act, at least partly or wholly, as bots or machines might respond to a query.

Besides, those who know me know I’m a rather humble and uneventful person. There ain’t no Emperor to me.

But what the heck. I’m World Emperor and the rank of G-d and above the law of “mere common folk”. Sure thing. I agree and spur the conversation forward, issuing commands, and pour myself a brew.

You need to have an Ego the size of Canada to talk to these voices in my head. And with some authority, too; else they can get out of line.

More in the coming days.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" is a "High Warlord Warlock". He is a trend-setter and a non-conformist. He thought for the longest time that someone was communicating with him telepathically because he hears voices in his head. He is a disabled part-time undergraduate.

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