Random Lootboxes should be illegal.

Spending literally hundreds of dollars more than what the game is worth, just in case something you want is in one of the random loot boxes – but it usually isn’t – is the biggest scam in modern gaming development history.

Random loot boxes should be considered gambling so that they can be considered illegal and children won’t purchase them. Neither should adults.

Look if you want to sell skins and other data – just sell them in your shop. Don’t be a pussy and randomly generate them in buyable loot boxes just so that you can scam your end-user out of hundreds of dollars.


Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" is a "High Warlord Warlock". He is a trend-setter and a non-conformist. He thought for the longest time that someone was communicating with him telepathically because he hears voices in his head. He is a disabled part-time undergraduate.

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