The King-God Theory; and Opposition Theory.

I will update this in the coming days.

“Where both are present, neither is opposed.” -The voices in my head.

I hear voices. They usually proclaim me as either King or G-d, or both, or neither. Why? I have no idea. In my youth I was often opposed; then I gradually came to accept either one or the other as an artist. I accept no titles in real life.

I have a pequliar talent. I can play dungeons and dragons by myself by hosting the voices in my head as the players. So I took to that.

The voices are either GOOD or EVIL, with myself and a few of the voices being NEUTRAL. In the campaign, the voices have proclaimed me as the ‘G-d of Neutrality, neither good or evil’. I often take the form of an Odin-looking Wizard, travel back and forth in time, talk to emulated celebrities, and in general, travel a multiverse which includes many alternate Earths, some of which which is where world wars happen.

This strange happenstance places me as a snowflake. I am ill. I’m diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Thank the heavens; not G-d; Amen.

Steve Mini
G-d of Neutrality in his own ‘art.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" plays a homebrew multiverse with the voices in his head, who have proclaimed him a "Neutral G-d; Neither Good Nor Evil". He often sides with either, claims telepathy is live, and that he is self-scripted.

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