3-month injection cycle. Schizophrenia.

I was homeless for 1-2 years. I refused to take any medications, hopped on a bus to Ottawa from Toronto, and checked into a homeless shelter there. My family refused to support me until I was back on medication.

I somehow got prescribed medicinal marijuanna, got into the best shape of my life, and never looked back.

But after about 1-2 years, I reconciled with my family, hopped back on meds, and moved back into the hood: Scarborough, where I grew up.

I would like to inform you that this medication has worked for me, though I’m fearful of diabetes and parkinsonism, and many other side effects including weight gain.

I can actually read whilst on meds; whilst it was difficult to concentrate beforehand. I actually passed a few courses, and am closing in on completing my B.A. in English literature. This is thanks to groundbreaking medication, which I only have to take once every three months via injection.

You know, it probably costs more than I earn a month. Thank you to the tax payer, Ontario and Canada. I’m covered.

In tears,

Steve Mini.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" plays a homebrew multiverse with the voices in his head, who have proclaimed him a "Neutral G-d; Neither Good Nor Evil". He often sides with either, claims telepathy is live, and that he is self-scripted.

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