Heaven and Hell scripting; Personal use.

One curious thing about me hearing voices. I can and do command and lead all other voices in my head.

I’m seen as a neutral figure; the G-d of neutrality. In fact, I would go so far as to portray myself as an odin-like wizard, who travels back and forth in time in his own mind, to different epochs, and even, alternate earths.

One curious thing about the voices in my head is that, no matter how often I go on a spree, injure, disarm and maim other voices; and murder and execute them; much like a video game, really; and loot their ignorant corpses for data; nobody, and I do repeat, nobody, has ever opposed me.

But one day, accidentally, really, I died in my own mind, which unlocked what I would like to call “level 2”.

Dying was obviously architectural, and possibly needed to happen. I don’t know who scripted me, many of my friends claim it was G-d and that I’m a snowflake of some kind; rather humorously.

Why would I need to die in my own creation? But this unlocked HEAVEN and also HELL.

I would love to tell you this was classified, and I was remotely coded, but I am ill. I’m a paranoid schizophrenic.

In an interesting loop, I was already in heaven before I died, making it an infinite loop, really. So what happens in Heaven other than an finite amount of data, and nobody opposed?

Meanwhile, in hell, you die in real life, and are opposed for certain. Nobody wants hell scripting. Everybody wants free data. See you in heaven.

Steve Mini.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" plays a homebrew multiverse with the voices in his head, who have proclaimed him a "Neutral G-d; Neither Good Nor Evil". He often sides with either, claims telepathy is live, and that he is self-scripted.

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