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Updated May 2021.

This is for the people in the DnD section of Facebook, and people with a disability or who hear voices who contact me, and my followers, of which there aren’t many, lol, who often ask me questions about me hearing voices and are very inspired by my creative work that I’ve shared in the groups. Some people have asked me about a list of works. Well I’m a disabled part-time undergraduate studying English Literature at the University Of Toronto in St. Michael’s College. I’m a writer who is diagnosed with hearing voices, paranoid schizophrenia. Some people in facebook groups are inspired by the fact that I host a solo DnD campaign, which updates itself perpetually, by talking to myself, for theraputic reasons. It’s a homebrew multiverse complete with an Emulated Earth and Emulated Celebrities who get punched and looted in my mind. I’m willing to share my humorous experiences with people to inspire them a little. Just message me for more information. I do laugh at the voices in my head. They update me often. But I do see my doctor regularly and take medication. I’m on a 3-month injection cycle. The campaign has been extremely successful and highly theraputic: I’m now back in school passing courses and on my way to completing my BA in English Literature. I no longer fear the voices at all and laugh a little when they talk to me. I haven’t checked into a hospital in years. Note: I do not believe that synthetic telepathy is possible, but I do speculate on what it would be like, based on my personal experiences. It would be synthetic if it worked the way I think. Nobody has ever contacted me to say “I’m in your mind”. The authorities, my friends and family have concluded that I will always hear voices, and that I am therefore ill.

I’m a creative INTJ-A with an interesting inner world. I’ve theorized often about hearing voices. These are all in my head. I have no publicist and have barely written any of them down. If you’re interested contact me. Tell me which one and I’ll take a look. Some of them are chapters, essays, theories. Some could make for a good e-book I suppose. They’re just ideas right now. Gimme about a month.

Hey Voices! Opening Lines And Their Responses
The G-d Paradox
The King-God Theory
Opposition Theory
Emulated Celebrities
Synthetic Telepathy
The Back End
The Front End
God-Damn. 20+ Year-Old Architecture.
Selfless Theory/No To Wealth
The Constantly Changing Meta
Insanity Theory, Paranoia Theory
Nominal Ethics
Baddies and Goodies: Good Theory, Evil Theory.
On Science And Art. Why I am Philosophically An Artist
On Breaking Oath
Aggro To Me: Hearing Voices 24/7
Two Years Homeless
Nibba Theory
Daddy or Sir? Hedonism and Kink
No To Me
Lawlessness: Crime And Terror, Plain And Simple
The Hive-Mind
I support 420
King Me Back! Two King Theory
The Neutral God: Neither Good nor Evil

On Faith:
In Defense Of Christendom
An Apology For Abrahamism
Secular Theory
On Martyrs & Saints

About DnD and my homebrew multiverse:
The Wish Campaign (solo, perpetual, ongoing for life)
Visiting The Realms
Visiting Ravenloft
Visiting Emulated Earth(s): Alternate Reality Theory
The Neutral God: Neither Good nor Evil

Time-Shifter (True Neutral?)

favorite song: “Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd
note: I’m a fan of Protoss in the Starcraft Universe.
note: I am not Jewish or Arab. Nor am I queer. I’m a straight, Heterosexual Christian male, baptized into Orthodox Christianity. I consider myself a Hedonist, Secular and probably Christian for life. Curiously, I am a progressive and a fan of people like AOC and Bernie. I wanted free healthcare for all in the United States, which was opposed by many Americans. I respect that there is no left in the United States. The Left there is a joke. I support them though. I’m progressive.
note: I’m a gamer. I obtained the highest rank and unlocked a rare title: High Warlord as a Warlock in the World Of Warcraft during the early years, pre-expansions. I joke that i’m the only High Warlord Warlock of Havelock, ON. Currently on Area 52 Horde-side renamed High Warlord “Schizofrenic” in a mostly Canadian guild. I no longer play much – sometimes I’ll pop onto League Of Legends and lose a few. I’ve never played enough to climb the ranks, and have always been in Bronze.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" plays a homebrew multiverse with the voices in his head, who have proclaimed him a "Neutral G-d; Neither Good Nor Evil". He often sides with either, claims telepathy is live, and that he is self-scripted.

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