Unoccurence Theory

Ladies and gentlemen, I suppose that I can predict. I emulate others, by talking to myself. Where there are many timelines, I predict. When I am wrong, I am therefore ill. When I am right, I am therefore G-d. Therefore, sir(s); know this one truth in your own ‘art (Heart/Art), that neither of us are G-d, and life is a paradox.

The G-d Paradox.

Now a sir(s), am I or am I not G-d? For certainly, I am paranoid and schizophrenic, and the voices in my mind are at times insubordinate.

But what if they were subordinate, and accepted me, in my own ‘art (Heart/art) as G-d?

Therefore ill.

coinage of the term: ‘art. Unoccurence/Inoccurence.

Author: Steve Mini

"Steve Mini" plays a homebrew multiverse with the voices in his head, who have proclaimed him a "Neutral G-d; Neither Good Nor Evil". He often sides with either, claims telepathy is live, and that he is self-scripted.

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