Stephen Miniotis

Stephen Miniotis

Stephen Miniotis

Stephen M. Miniotis "Steve Mike Mini" is a part-time undergraduate studying English literature a student of St. Michael's College, University Of Toronto. He takes just one course per year over the winter months because of a disability. He considers himself a thinker, writer, theorist, journalist/broadcaster, & self-scripted (he hears voices in his head). He also considers himself a "Post-Left Anarchist, Chomsky-Inspired" and a self-professed "Abrahamist" (Christian Orthodox).

Stephen hears voices in his head chatting with him all day long: these voices call him by various titles like "Emperor", "King" and "G-d"; he claims that he's a victim of voice-to-skull technology and synthetic telepathy and that somebody is harassing him with remote telepathy and can hear his thoughts and talk to him; however he has  been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by his doctors and his family forces him to inhibit the voices by taking medication. Stephen is non-violent and has no criminal record. His family and doctors do not believe that anybody can contact him via voice-to-skull technology or remote telepathy; They believe that he is ill.

Stephen has heard all kinds of theories about the voices in his head, including "it's the Jews" and "it's the Arabs and militants" to "it's the crips and bloods and African Americans and gangs" to "it's CSIS, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc". One theory states that the remote harass might have started at a young age to traumatise him into submission and install altars into his mind that speak with him. Stephen is writing several eBooks about the voices, one of which, semi-autobiographical, is called: "The G-d Complex: A Paradox".

Stephen used to be a journalist some time ago at the University. He has since refused all publication except via website where he will be posting some eBooks for free: "anybody can donate whatever they want if they enjoy my work". He has managed to raise over 80,000$ in his RDSP account for retirement. Check out his free eBooks and donate whatever you want at his website:

Stephen is a fraternal twin; his twin obtained a PHD and moved to Europe. He prefers Canada and has helped his father create a hugely successful restaurant in a historical train station which was abandoned which Stephen subsequently managed until his brother helped take things over. His father and brother still work there to this day. Stephen then turned a corn stand into a seasonal farmer's market to help pay for his winter course at the University. He therefore considers himself a successful entrepeneur and a champion of small business.

When he moved back to Toronto to finish his studies part-time, Stephen got a job at the Telecommunication Worker's Union until a bout of Schizophrenia ended his employment there. Nonetheless he still believes in unions and worker's rights and considers himself "something of a Post-Left Anarchist, Chomsky-Inspired".

About faith Stephen was baptised from an early age into Orthodox Christianity, the oldest sect of Christianity today. He considers himself an "Abrahamist", a term he coined in college, and traces his faith back to Abraham and respects all 3 major religions which do so: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His father and mother are of Greek background. He was born in Canada.

Stephen is an avid gamer. He used to be a highly ranked "HIgh Warlord Warlock" in Vanilla World Of Warcraft. He now theorycrafts and plays League Of Legends "NonMeta, Fill & Jungle". He streams himself playing at  His fans, the "Currency Reserve" or "Consolidated Empire", donate to him and he purchases a meal out like a Big Mac. 

Nearing the age of 40, Stephen picked up chess and never looked back. It basically began to consume all his free time. He now studies openings and plays at: (chess blog: "My Memorable Games"

Stephen lives humbly and rents a basement apartment from family. He lives off less than 10,000$ CDN a year (with some help from family and donations). He keeps a small carbon footprint, never drives a car, and wants to graduate with a BA in English literature someday and publish some eBooks on his website for free. One curious thing about the voices in his head; a family member, too, started hearing voices, but was never diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Stephen and that family member remain convinced to this day that it was remote telepathy and a remote harass. However "the cops think we're crazy; So I just smoke weed and talk to myself. My family has insisted I take medication to inhibit the voices. No arrests were ever made. Nobody has been caught or ever came forward with more information. The perpetrator(s), if any, of remote telepathy in my mind, remain at large.