Immigrant Labor Theory: Let’s Grow Canada!

I have a theory. Toronto and Vancouver are a dud. We have a chronic shortage of housing, and foreign buyers are probably speculating often and buying all our houses up.

Let’s face it: We need a new Toronto. In fact, we need several new Torontos, all over the country.

If we are to compete with foreign nations, we need to be one billion strong some day.

Canada has a population of what? 30 million people? I say open up the floodgates. And Canada is supposedly doing so; accepting immigrants at an exponential rate.

I look at the United States and see them a soft second by 2050. Let’s face it: The real market is China, and we’re already adapting.

America: Get to a billion people, too. Open up the floodgates and let immigrants in by the droves.

What are your thoughts on this?

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Broadcasting our thoughts into space

I talk to myself often. And I do hear responses (I’m a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, who likes to claim that he’s self-scripted or self-modified). I have entire conversations with myself.

I’ve adapted. I’ve honestly thought about how useful that would be in a long space voyage. Imagine talking to yourself for years on end and having it transmitted into a database. “Captain’s date. Star log.” etc. Anyway, though I don’t yet record myself, It’s been infinitely useful to me. I honestly hear a myriad of interesting data and introspectively oppose myself, vastly improving my pitiful intelligence and thinking.

In my opinion, the first telepaths, or at least, the best telepaths, will be self-modified schizophrenics (who already hear voices and are trained as such). But alas, that’s another blog post for another time.

Anyway: Here’s my point. I’ve always wondered about that one time, possibly a hoax or urban legend, where supposedly, Hitler (or anyway, someone already dead) shot messages and images into space, only to have them recieved long after his death by NASA. Wasn’t it in some space movie, based on a true story?

Could such a technology be applicable to me? What if I could shoot my thoughts into space? Is this next-level broadcasting? Who would recieve and inherit these thoughts, many years or even centuries from now? I wonder… would my ancestors want to hear from me on my “birthday”?

Say for example I digress (and my brain responds). I therefore have a most excellent conversation with myself (usually not how it works, but I digress). Now say that conversation is shot into space, only to bounce, and then return, long after i’m dead, into a machine.

This could, in theory, allow us to exactly message people centuries after we’re dead, with all sorts of facts, zany theories, even eerie hellos!

What do y’all think? What would it cost to shoot noise into space, and have it bounce back to us, say, 100 years after our death?

Someone do the math.

And the first idiot to shoot up omae wa mou shindeiru is me (“You’re already dead”. It’s a meme. You couldn’t be dead though, if you recieve the message in the future. Hmm).

Heck, let’s make a company that charges by the minute or message. If you’re selfless: set it up and make me the CEO. If you’re not selfless at all, then don’t. Alas, there are no more selfless people on Earth. But I digress: that’s another blog post.

your selfless friend and theorist, though poorish.

Female Astronauts having children in space: they’ve got us beat at this, too!

I have a theory for everything. I think often. In fact, I’m a curious specimen. When I think, my brain articulates a response. I hear voices in my head. As I often joke: When I pray, somebody responds. When I cry, nobody listens. (I’m a paranoid schizophrenic and like to think of myself as self-scripted or self-modified).

My brain is often opposed to my zany theories. Like: it literally tells me that it’s opposed. And often it tells me why. I’ve written a theory about this, called: “Opposition theory”. Email me for more details or I’ll elaborate another time.

So anyway today was a typical day at the office. I was constructing a theory about travelling across the galaxy, say: 100+ light years away or whatever the closest “Earth 2” is. I say 100+ light years coz I’m too lazy to do the math – somebody do this for me and look it up and be a dear and drop a comment. Just how far is the closest “Earth 2”?

Anyway, I theorized, possibly erroneously, that, if we could carry enough water with us, to last more than, say, a century’s worth of light-year travel, and recycle every drop, of sweat and urine and maybe even blood, and salvage every last scrap of liquid … Anyways: my point is this.

Perhaps, female astronauts, could artificially inseminate on-board a space ship, vastly improving the longevity of the crew by having female children, who could then also artificially inseminate. Entire generations of females could be aboard a ship travelling centures away, to Earths we couldn’t otherwise get to.

This would make female astronauts infinitely better than male astronauts for life-long travel distances because their offspring could, in theory, out-live them and complete the journey.

The voices in my head disagreed, as usual. (Like I said: I hear voices. They respond to my queries, usually with an “oh hell no”).

So anyway, I decided to quit arguing with myself and instead post my zany theory here, to garner some responses.

So what do you think? Are women the new “it” thing in space theory and long-distance space travel?

Barring that, I thought maybe we could bend space/time and make a 100 light year journey about 20 minutes or a couple of days, through a wormhole. Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Load up the water and recycle the urine. Females got us beat at this, too.

Your inferior specimen,

-Steve Mini,
Artist (self-proclaimed).

Post-script: Let’s take this one step further for a moment. Possibly even on earth, males might one day find themselves no longer necessary, because of artificial insemination. Subsequently, an nearly all-female population would be beneficial, perhaps even, vastly superior. Possibly even necessary, under certain conditions. Why risk a male at all? Especially in space, where females vastly improve our survival and minimize conflict, consumption, and storage. Why have a male at all? When you could have a female have quintuplets – all females. The odd male would be, alas, frowned upon (extra baggage). Something to think about, especially in this day and age of cutting corners and thinking ahead. Are males even necessary anymore?

Heck, if we went cannibal (i’m thinking of a novel now – i can see it being directed, and – pan the camera a little to the left. That’s it. now zoom in.)

Anyway, if we went cannibal and women could have 4 or more children every 9 months – we might possibly make it to “Earth 2” with food to spare.

I can see it trending on social media, many years from now. Your children will eat up all the unnecessary males.

Heck: now that I think about it: my fraternal twin is a woman who obtained a PHD. I’m still a part-time undergrad. Let’s face it: I’m an inferior specimen. Let’s face it, men: we’re doomed.

-An unnecessary male.

Oh well. I guess i’m a bit of a creative writer / novelist (I consider myself more of a theorist, but alas). My brain however, will now be opposed i.e. “no you’re not a novelist …”. I can literally hear the voices in my head opposing me …

If you wanna see an e-book of a novel for free, inspired by these sorts of zany theories and thoughts, then drop me a like or comment. The voices in my head say “hi” before I do.

Your excluded male-friend,

Heck, the voices in my head are probably all female. lol: just joking. I’m actually 100% male and straight. Sorry voices.

“Bitches ain’t shit huh n6bba”

The world’s largest trading partner has nothing to do with the United States …

All this talk about “America first” is off putting to allies. Here in Canada we’re terrified that our livelihoods will be ruined by a tariff or an “America first” policy that could gut our economy. We’re tired of treading on eggshells.

On the heels of these sorts of fears is the news that the world’s largest trading bloc has nothing to do with the United States.

“The new free trade bloc will be bigger than both the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the European Union.”

When you isolate yourself, threaten your allies, and don’t give a damn about anybody else: The world adapts.

We need new leadership in the United States.

I mean, you asked your constituents to not vote via mail: and they didn’t. Then you lost the election on ballots that were cast via mail for the opponent. Then you refuse to concede and try to sue.

That is exactly why Asia has positioned itself as a multilateral leader and stands to dominate within a few years. Most of the world has already moved on.

A lot is riding on Biden post-Jan 20, 2021. Let’s hope he can pull the tide back a little, so to speak.

Hotbed issue: Legalize Sex Work. Millennials have had enough with archaic prostitution laws and being zucced repeatedly on the ‘book.

It’s about damned time we respected and supported a woman’s body and their right to sell it, however they damned want.

I haven’t met a good looking woman in over a decade who hasn’t monetized. Today’s good looking women sell lewds and other content right from home. It’s a crying shame we don’t support these covid-friendly jobs: I consider sex workers as essential front-line workers!

It’s time to toss out the terrible prostitution laws the conservatives introduced in 2014 here in Canada. I agree with the Supreme Court’s 9-0 unanimous decision to repeal our archaic prostitution laws. What I don’t agree with is the conservatives who made prostitution illegal for the first time in Canadian history after that, back in 2014!

I’ll write more as I go. Just getting started here.

A kinky top/dom poly hetero male

“Daddy 6ix;” Steve Mini.

Hello world!

Welcome to My WordPress Blog. I’ll be going through some material that is avant-garde; i’m a philosopher-type; I’m neurodivergent: my brain doesn’t work the way normal brains do.
I’ve speculated that, because my offpsring might also hear voices, that perhaps they will be seasoned telepaths and connect with other voices remotely and structure their brain in new and unique ways; perhaps, then, i’m a mutant with an interesting gene-pool! I’m also a fraternal twin: my twin sister obtained a PHD and moved to Europe! She doesn’t hear voices at all!

My illness does not define who I am. “You’re crazy” shall be ignored.

-A Paranoid Schizophrenic

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