Steve Mini is a disabled paranoid schizophrenic. He was convinced for the longest time that someone was trolling him telepathically via satellite, because he hears voices and talks to himself. He is now convinced, with the help of his family and friends and doctors, that he is self-programmed somehow, and that all the voices in his head are made up, and as he claims, “fodder for my fiction and blog”. He is known to ask the voices in his head zany questions and laugh at the responses. That’s how this blog started.

Steve is allowed to accept up to 10,000$ extra in donations per year and wants to petition the government to up this limit. Steve estimates that he lives off about 10,000$ CDN per year on a disability pension, ODSP, which is deemed below the poverty line here in Canada. Do not fret or worry; his family also helps him out whenever necessary. He eschews wealth and lives free, as he often jokes.

Even a donation of 5-6$ can change his meal plan for a day. The majority of donations go towards food. Other expenses include hardware upgrades such as getting a new computer every few years, and purchasing new and better photography equipment to “create art” (he’s a Nikon aficionado and owns an Nikon 18-300 VR all-in-one lens and a Nikon d5600 body). He also “splurges” on white tea when he can afford to; or resorts to teabags of Lipton green tea when he can’t, which he claims costs about 6 cents per teabag.

Steve Mini has a part-time Job as of March 2021. He is allowed to earn up to 200$ CDN per month before being penalized, which he does. He is mentioning this because, some detractors often say “go get a job!” to which he now responds “I have one already!” and that it is ethically courteous, when requesting donations, to mention that he does work a little. He likes being as transparent as possible.

Thank you for your time.

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