I stream League Of Legends “Non-Meta” & “Jungle” around midnights EST at: – please click follow! I used to be a highly respected and highly ranked “High Warlord Warlock” in Vanilla World Of Warcraft but now I only play and theorycraft League Of Legends!

Note: nearing 40 years of age, I’ve only now begun to study and enjoy the wonderful game of chess. I think my video game days are behind me; as more and more of my free time gets taken up by this wonderful game. I hope to one day be a formidable chess player and enter some local tournaments! Until then, I’m on at: – I lost a couple games and my rating tanked from 1200 to less than 300 in a day. I now hope to raise it back to 1200 within a year; and get it to 1800 within 2-3 years! I don’t mind studying chess in my free time to make it happen! So we’ll see how things go!